Water in Makeline

We have a True 4 door prep table and for a bit now it has been collecting water in the bottom of the 4 door section. We vacuum it out about 2x a week, but what would be causing it? What part would I need to replace instead of paying a service tech’s crazy rates?



Check your drain lines. Clean the pans and the tubes that lead back to the compressor area where the water is evaporated.

The drain (evaporator) pan was cracked. New one is on the way. Water was leaking on the floor under the line also. So I would think that the tube isn’t restricted since water is draining into that pan?..onto the floor :oops:

Excelnt advise

Generally the water drips directly into the pan ( no tube ). Then from the pan it goes into a tube that runs back to the compressor where the heat evaporates the water. If the pan was cracked you are probably good just replacing that.

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Ok, the tube has no restriction. Blew through it no problem. So the water is properly draining into that. But we have, I believe 2 separate problems here.

  1. Water on floor - will be fixed when new drain pan arrives (drain pan near compressor)
  2. Water inside doors of make line (that is sometimes icy on the top inside of make line). If there is no restriction in the tube going to the drain pan, where is this coming from? Just removed the inside panel near the fan (not compressor fan) and poured water in the pan. Drains down the tube into a cup I have waiting for it.

Im having my gaskets replaced, both sides are badly ripped, sometimes condensation builds from that then drips inside the unit