water percent

Tom, I use a formula that is very similar to your NY style formula posted in the recipe bank. I use a smidgen more yeast and a pinch of sugar but aside from that, no difference. In that dough recipe, what differences should be expected in the finished crust between 60% water and 65% water? Also does oil have the same effect as water on oven spring? Thank you much. -Steve

Yes, oil will have a similar, though not quite as dramatic affect upon oven spring as water. That water vapor really exerts a tremendoud force on the dough during those first few seconds of baking where as the oil only loosens the dough and provides some gas entrapment to improve oven spring. As for 60 to 65% absorption, this is within the normal variance of absorption for flour, so unless it took you over the top for water carrying capacity of the flour, it would only loosen the dough for easier opening of the dough balls, and it might contribute to a bit more oven spring. With the increaased oven spring, and greater thickness, you might also get a somewhat crispier crust too.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor