water pressure and fountain drinks

want to put in fountain drinks in new shop our soda rep said we should stick to bottles because the water pressure in our area varies and would not mix properly every time in the machine or he said we should use the premix canisters been down that road did not like due to them leaking.is he pullin my leg or is it because hes dr pepper and i told him i was looking at coke and pepsi products also just tryin to get some insight.

I’d at least talk to the other suppliers and see what they say.

Yeah - I don’t know, but he could be the only one who’s knowledgable - or the only one telling you the truth…

you may not have the correct water pressure, BUT!!!

you can buy an expensive device (I think Home Depot even has them) that fills and “pressurizes” itself & creates a enuf pressure 4 you…I had one for my coffee service several yrs ago…bought it off ebay…quite simple