Watts vs BTU's

I’ve read several posts talking about BTU’s for gas ovens. How does that convert to watts for electric? Is a 12,000 watt deck oven that is 36x57 any hotter than a 8,000 watt oven that is 36x42? Someone please explain this to me!

1BTU is .29 Watt Hours

Daddio knows his BTUs & Watts.

George Mills

Is there a minimum wattage that I should be looking at? I’ve seen lots of posts about recommended btu’s per deck but not watts. And I get confused about different watts for different deck sizes.

Watts per square inch (W/in^2) is simply the wattage of the oven divided by the square inches of baking surface. Watt is a measure of power. Power is what you need to do work. In the case of a pizza oven, the work is creating heat to bake pizza. W/in^2 is a way of normalizing the amount of work a pizza oven can do relative to it’s size. Say I have two pizza ovens and both are 1000W. If one is 12" wide and the other is 36" wide, you can easily imagine that the smaller oven will probably get a lot hotter or stay hotter during use. Both have the same amount of power but the smaller concentrates the power into a much smaller space. This is why looking at W/in^2 is at least somewhat meaningful and looking at W alone may not be.

BTU in gas is just equivalent of Wattage in electricity. 1 watt (W) of power = 3.41 BTU’s per hour (Btu/h) in power

some calculations I did while choosing my first pizza oven :). However finally went for PizzaMaster PM-722

Blodgett 911P
inner dimension: 33” (838mm) W x 7” (178mm) H x 22” (559mm) D
baking surface: 33"x22" = 726 sq inch
BTU: 27,000 BTU/hr

Blodgett 1048 deck oven
Inner dimesnion: 47-1/4" (1200mm) W x 10" (254mm) H x 36" (914mm) D
baking surface: 47"x36" = 1692 sq inch
BTU: 85,000 BTU/hr
~~~~~~~~BTU/Sq Inch=85000/1692= 50.23~~~~~~~~~~

Bakers Pride Y-600
Inner dimesnion: 60 x 36
baking surface: 60"x36" = 2160 sq inch
BTU: 120,000 BTUH/hr per deck
~~~~~~~~BTU/Sq Inch=120000/2160= 55.55~~~~~~~~~~

Model GP-61
Inner dimesnion: 29 5/8 x 26 1/4
baking surface: 29 5/8 x 26 1/4 = 772 sq inch x 2 decks = 1544
BTU: 45000 BTUH/hr per deck
~~~~~~~~BTU/Sq Inch=45000/1544= 29.14~~~~~~~~~~

Model GP-61HP
Inner dimesnion: 29 5/8 x 26 1/4
baking surface: 29 5/8 x 26 1/4 = 772 sq inch x 2 decks = 1544
BTU: 60000 BTUH/hr per deck
~~~~~~~~BTU/Sq Inch=60000/1544= 38.86~~~~~~~~~~

Inner dimesnion: 28 x 14
baking surface: 28 x 14 = 392 sq inch x 2 decks = 784
K/W: 4.45 K/W per deck. Total 8.9 KW
Wattage/Sq Inch=8900/784= 11.35 wattage per inch