Ways To Add Coffee

I have a place that is near the local university and would like to add flavored coffees,lattes and fraps to the menu to help entice more students. Other than the coffee machine and basics like coffee,different flavored creamers what other equipment would I need?

Call a coffee supplier, they will give you all the machines you need and you just buy their coffee. Yes, you pay more for their products but you aren’t obligated to stick to it if it doesn’t work out…that is what we did, we no longer sell cappaccino’s but back in the day …
Come to think of it if you use US foods, their coffee supplier’s do the same thing.


As someone who is very picky about there coffee, find a GOOD local roaster to work with, they will usually offer classes as to the best way to prepare their specific blends of coffee, and don’t just let anyone make the coffee, hire a good Barista, listen to your Barista’s needs. a good Barista is worth as much as a well seasoned pizza cook, than knows your pizzas and ovens inside and out, they can make or break a coffee stand. the other option if it sounds like too much hassle is to lease some counterspace to your local roaster and let them set up in your shop.

some coffee basics:
Do not freeze the beans, whole or ground this forces the oils out of the bean, so by the time they get to the coffee pot/espressoo maker they are gone.

when plumbing in your coffee pot/espresso machine place a additional water softener, and filter, and change them regularly.

time your pours, if your pour is too long the coffee will be bitter/sour, to short and it will be weak. if your pours aren’t coming out right, your are over tamping or undertamping the grounds, your grind could be wrong, your machine could need to be cleaned out.