We are gonna be on the Travel Channel!!!

Hi friends!

We recorded a segment for Food Paradise a few months ago and we finally got an air date…This Sunday 8pm/7c tune into the travel Channel and see yours truly on the little screen…

Now the real question. Who has done a show like this and what kind of bump in business should I expect?

Congrats! My friend won the Caputo Cup and has been on the Munchies Pizza series. That and all the other press these things generated from TV, etc, increased her business 10 fold. Get ready for it to rock you :slight_smile:

Wow… congrats.

One fine Sunday in the 90’s my wife and I were having breakfast and reading the newspaper here in Orange County, Ca. I see this “Best Pizza in Orange County” thing. I happened to know the owner. He had one location and his pizza was decent. I said out loud to myself, “Oh no!” My wife asked what happened? I said that this guy just won the “Best Pizza in Orange County”. What is wrong with that she asked. I said that he is going to get wiped out today. I called him a couple of days later to see what happened. He said he open a little early, before 11 a.m. He said at 1 that he ran out of most everything with lines still at the door. The surge lasted to some degree about two or three weeks. His sales remained higher after the hoopla wore off.
He had offers to partner with some investors, he had offers to buy franchises, he had offers to simply get involved with expertise and money. So what are you going to do I asked him. He said he was going to think about it, and he did for several months. That was the end of that story.

Gulp!!! Thankfully we will get hit the following day…monday. a slow day…but i’m still freaking out. I’m gonna prep and order double and see where that gets me…

I would definitely stock up. We were on Good Morning America and NBC Nightly News and that doubled our business for a couple weeks. Same to a lesser degree when the local TV affiliates, newspapers, did stories on us. I have noticed many of the first timers who came from the story never came back. But we did retain a decent number and now 2 years later our business has doubled since opening 2 years ago. Don’t offer any specials because a lot of the first timers will come expecting that because they frequent places that do all kinds of perks. We offer nothing but the menu prices and are running as busy as we want to. We are avoiding any press for now because things are as busy as we want it. That confuses the salesmen trying to “help us” get more business with their coupons, mail outs, ads, etc. We say no to all that. Free advertisement via the media has been more than enough. Good luck!

Got the DVR set to record it!

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DVR set also

Hey Tom
That was fun to watch. I liked that Tano special. Can you do that with just normal house pizza dough, or do you have to make a special batch. I would love something like that. Get ready to be busy!

yes we use our regular dough. try it at your shop. It’s best to let the dough rest in the pan for an hour or so. that will help it puff back up after going through the ringer. we are working on a Sicilian pizza that will use a different dough…its amazing!

and so far guys no real change from a normal Monday. I will report back and let you know how dinner goes.

Update: here is a link to our episode! we are about half way through.

and here is just our segment on youtube.


I watched it. It looks like you have a great set up. Great job and I bet your business will increase big time :slight_smile:

Thank you so much!

So there were no lines around the block but, we did about double a normal monday! I’m super happy with that! best part about it…they rerun this show all the time.

I watched the show, you have great set up and help from family, cant ask for more! just a matter of time you will double your business.

How’d it go a few days later now?

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Place and food looks awesome man, good job.

Thanks for all the well wishes guys! and while monday was awesome the rest of the week has been typical. kinda bummed about that but I’m still hoping for a great weekend!

So awesome! Congrats and good luck.