We are trying to boost our deliveries, so heres my game..

I roll a pair of dice, whatever number comes up, we publish it on facebook such as "Our delivery order number for the night is xx "

The customer whose delivery order coincides with that number wins a $20.00 Gift Card, the customers are not told what sequence there order number is when they call, it is kept a surprise until the driver gets there.

What happens if it is a carryout or walkin ?

this promo only applies to our deliveries because they have been lagging horrifically since we started the service, even when we get calls for carryout, we make sure they know delivery is available, and they still choose to come in for a pick up

Getting the word out in this area is very difficult, the only people who regularly read the local paper are the ones who do not live here full time,
the only radio station which I know gets listened to regularly is Public Radio, 95% of my facebook followers live 5-6 hours south of here in and around Chicago.
We’ve figured the only way to get anyones attention around here is with an arrest record, or with word of mouth

Did you have any success with this idea?

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Nice idea, but a lot depends on your demographic and geography. Problem with Facebook is you really have a limited audience and it doesn’t change much, at least not where I’m at. I have one store that does 25% delivery and one that does 50%. But they do almost the same sales with similar demographics. Income is lower and population is lower in the store with more pickups. I’ll take the one that does 25% any day of the week. i run 4 drivers instead of 9 on a busy night. My average ticket in the store with higher deliveries is larger.
I know that is a little off topic. The store that does 50% used to do 25%. The increase came from, lighted delivery signs (Customers seeing drivers on the road is a big key), Accuracy on orders, driver training and above all delivery times. Get your deliveries there in under 40 minutes consistently and it will pick up. Doing those things in the other store has already resulted in an increase, I’m not in that store very much though so it will be a slower process.

When you roll the pair of dice, how do you know if the number is 53 or 35? :slight_smile:

Never played a dice game before have ya ? :stuck_out_tongue:

Might be a stupid question, but why would you want your pick up orders to turn into delivery orders? Seems a good way to trade down the profit you’d make on each order. Why not instead focus on the fringe customer base that isn’t coming in or perhaps focus door to door on an area immediately surrounding a competitor?

Generally speaking (will vary with mileage blah blah blah), Delivery orders have a higher price then carryouts. At my store (we are very heavy carryout store) i average $12 to $15 for a carryout order. For Deliveries i average $20 to $25.