We chatting tonight?

I’m going to show up around 10pm. Hope others do as well. I want 2008 to be my best year, and I need everyone’s help!

Is that Central or Eastern time?

10PM EST… but we have chatted as late as 1:30AM EST … so don’t be afraid to show up late.

I’ll be there !

are you talking about the pmq chat or the chat that dewar have ?

pmq chat.

seems like we’re meeting on mondays and wednesdays around 10pm est

PMQ chat is very good. I will be shutting mine down.

See everyone Wed night.

I’ve started popping in most nights.

is it already over? i just logged on here.

Wednesday, December 26th come chat !

I’ll be there around 10pm-10:30pm EST. Hope to see you there !