We finally got Smart... Car.

After reminding the dealership that we were going to wrap our Smartcar and drive it around like crazy, they called us when the had an “orphan” - one that the original person never came in to claim. So we got it about 7 months sooner than estimated.

Here is what it looked like off the lot:


Almost done - just needs some finishing touches:


Some of the vinyl is reflective and “glows in the dark” when the light hits it:


And now it’s fulled wrapped:


Here is what a Smartcar looks like frozen solid:


The car turned heads before it was wrapped. And now, $1,500 worth of vinyl later, it’s even more of a sight. We’re anxious to see if and how this moving billboard helps with our business. Now, to put it to good use!

The company that did the work set up a tripod and took pictures throughout the wrapping process. They plan to make one of the stop-motion videos of the whole procedure for their marketing. I’ll host and post a copy whenever they get that done.

Brad, you’ll love the attention that the Smart will bring your business. 9 Months and 13,000 miles later mine still turns heads at every stoplight I’m at.


Wow, that is awesome! Those wheels are hilarious!

that looks amazing.

Are those pizza rims “spinners” so the drivers can ghost ride the whip? Then I’ll be impressed.

Very cool and very good investment in marketing…

How long did the whole process take?

The installation just takes a day. For my wrap, from planning to install took about 2 weeks as there was three or four proofs before we were ready to print. I would highly reccomend a vehicle wrap for everyone here as it is fantastic advertising. It works well even if you don’t have a unique car as the wrap itself draws a bunch of attention.

OMG!!! I love it! I want one!!! Looks great!!!

That is awesome.

How long did the whole process take?

We dropped it off on Wednesday and picked it up the following Tuesday. So about 4 days of work for our sign company. to get it done.

Great way to promote your biz. I Love it…

Congrats… It looks great. And i believe you are now excempt from the “Tip Credit” Minimum Wage requirements.

What does the car have to do with that?!?!

Anyways, I think the wrap looks awesome! I hope it helps business as good as it looks!

Do you have any idea yet what it will cost to run that car per mile?

Anyways, good luck with it!

Brad, couple things, Nice wrap…could you tell me who did it as I will want one on our second car.
2) love the blackbean pizza…GREAT JOB
3)did you get your presto order today (january 27th) funny question but I think we are on the same truck…
again great job Brad

  1. The wrap was done by Everywhere Sign Co. here in Bloomington. Ask for Jerry - he is the artistic one who brings all our ideas to life.
  2. Thank you.
  3. No, Presto wimped out today and didn’t even try and make any deliveries. I’m crawling out of bed and driving down to Paoli at 6:30 in the morning to pluck some flour off the truck so we can get our day started as we are all but out now.

Are those rims or just wheel covers? If they are wheel covers, I’d be worried about them walking off.

question - can you justify the cost of the Smart car (15k?) over like a “YAris” or similar (9k?).

My Smart cost me just over $13,000 plus the cost of the wrap. The Yaris starts at just over 12K. The difference… My Smart car turns heads at every intersection, a Yaris is just another car that you see all over the place. Nobody turns their head to look at a Yaris or a Honda Fit. I look at my Smart as some of the best advertising I have ever done. 18,000 miles later, it still draws as much attention as it did when new.


Thats great, for some reason I Thought they were much more $$$.

Here, Pizza Fusion has sort of “Claimed” the Smart car. I guess unless I get a radically different wrap…