We finally got Smart... Car.

I agree with this 100%. Often younger people give you “thumbs up,” middle-aged people usually point and giggle, and older drivers always look at you like as if you’re completely insane - but everyone looks. The car is a moving billboard!

Personally, I love the concept of the commuter car. But if I was buying one for personal use, I would pick the Yaris or the Fit or whatever VW eventually rolls out over a Smartcar - it’s just not very “polished” as an auto (from the crappy transmission to the Where’s-Waldo type adventure of fixing a flat tire). As a car worthy of wrapping and drawing attention however, the Smartcar crushes the competition!

Where can I get those wheels trims please ?

I would personally love to deliver in a Smart Car but I wouldn’t be caught dead in that garish thing. Sorry, I know you spent a ton of money on the vinyl but I couldn’t respect myself if I had to drive it. :oops:

Here’s how you have to look at it. It’s fun and whimsical. It beats a car topper. I look at delivering much like banner shaking or other marketing. It has to be done, might as well make it fun. It doesn’t matter who is laughing at you as long as you’re already laughing at yourself. Based upon your comments, if I owned the car and if you worked for me, I would certainly let anyone else drive it and you’d be “stuck” with it only if there was no other choice. I’m all for trying to work with people and their desires. I think you’re missing the point though. The purpose is advertising. If you are a driver and you get 2 more deliveries per shift because you’re in that car, then well, you just made more money! If you’re a driver and it ain’t financially driven, you’re in the wrong line of work.

snowman, you make some good point,s thank you for menitoning them. I had forgotten some of the finer stuff like “adding two deliveries per shift” as a “rubber meets the road” sort of reason for doing wraps, cartoppers, signage on cares, whatever.

My mentality to go with yours is this: my delivery drivers are part of the team that makes this whole business succeed or fail. Driving with some sort of signage (the more noticable the better) is a piece of our success, and a piece only they are able to accomplish in a shift. Just like pizza makers are uniquely positioned to cut even slices of the pie and get the orders correct. My drivers HAVE to carry that ball, or we miss a big opportunity to make visual impressions in the neighborhoods where customers and potential customers live. A sI am already paying for the delivery out to the customer, the business MUST maximize that delivery expense and piggyback a marketing impression opportunity ontop of it. Maximizing contribution to the team success and maximizing dollar iunvestments.

I think business will be even better, if you print the phone number on your car.