We found the holy grail . . . .

. . . .well, at least our can opener. It was stuck in a bus tub that was in the wrong place. So, we found another bus tub.

So, my questions here are

  1. how often you guys change out the blades?
  2. how often you break it down completely for wash and lube?
  3. What size opener do you have? (mine is #2, I believe Edlund)

We change the blades when the cans get harder to open, but that is hard to guage . . . we might could change more often.

We run the thing through the warewasher to clean once a week, and wash quick by hand each night (We only open 12 to 15 cans a week or so right now). I look forward to the ones being sent by the very generous guy here as ours is a bit beat up, and might could use retirement to a good house kitchen somewhere (like mine).

changing the blades can’t really be gauged, I’ve always changed them when the cans were hard to open. When I worked for Pizza hut, it was a requirement that we wash and sanitize the can opener each time after opening a can(s)