We got some local publicity

This story came out in a local magazine…

http://www.steamboatpilot.com/news/2010 … hitchcock/

Very nice. in the words of our old friend jj0rk

[size=7]YOU THE MAN[/size]

Het Steve they didn’t mention anything of your folk singing talents. Well you look the part anyway so I just thought you may be a folk singer :lol:
Hey, times that tough you can’t even sneak some shoes out of the store ?
Nice photo and nice article all the same.


Dave, Barefoot is more of a marketing/attitude thing than economic neccessity lol. Actually, the photographer said he would crop out the bottom. In fact he said to sit on that block of wood to raise me up a little higher and that he would crop that out too… can trust anyone these days!

So what’s the marketing thing? People see the photo and think “poor Steve. Sales are so bad he can’t afford shoes. We must get some new upmarket mountain clothes and then collect a Soda Creek pizza on the way home so he has some money to buy some shoes.” :stuck_out_tongue:
Maybe I get some photos of me and then they will buy more pizzas so I can afford to get a hair transplant. Maybe Nick and Richard can use this marketing ploy as well :lol:


I can see the ads now… Sally Struthers walking poor Dave down the broken glass and garbage lined railroad tracks… “for only .63 cents a day…less than the price of a cup of coffee… Dave here can make you a pizza once a month and afford shoes for his entire family here in WA” :stuck_out_tongue:

Life in a resort town is so free and easy, laid back and relaxed that we hang around barefoot on our patios. Hey tourist, order my pizza and you can pretend you live here too.

Oh the dream of living such a life :cry:
Can’t afford that life as I’m twice married, once to my wife and the other to the shop.


And then there was mud season… when you pay resort rents and do no business, followed by the tide (tourists) coming in again… when we had two stores, our low weekly sales was $3000 and our high was $50,000 followed by a return to 3000 four months later… Try staffing and training for that.

So you kick off the shoes and get out the guitar … :lol:

Exactly, don’t worry about things you can’t change. Just prepare for them and move on. Plenty of time for guitar in the off season.