We have lost one of our members.

I don’t know how many of you remember John Morrison. He had MoFo Pizza in Reno and then moved to Colorado Springs where he converted an old convenience store into P38 Pizza.

I had the pleasure of seeing him working on the demolition part of the process when I toured Colorado in the summer of 2015.

I had not heard from him in a while so sent a message to the pizza shops facebook page. His wife replied that he passed away last March.


Sad to hear that. I was wonder why I hadn’t heard from him for a while. He had just moved to a new location.

Yeah… nothing like getting to that point in life where that’s almost a daily experience. (hearing of a passing, etc)

Sadly on forums like this we lose track of members…And only a long time after the fact we may find out why…

godspeed friend! we hardly knew ya.

John was my dad. He mentioned talking to you ,Daddio, Pizza Pirate and bodegahwy, a lot while he was setting up his new place. Unfortunately he started having health issues shortly after he opened. My stepmom is still running p38, the new restaurant in Colorado. I bought Mofo’s Pizza, his first restaurant in Lake Tahoe, from him right before he started working on p38 and it’s going pretty well. Thank you to everyone who talked to him and gave him advice.

Sorry for your loss, Justin.

I enjoyed the short time I had to spend with John. He had a good soul.

Went to the P38 site- what a beautiful place… seriously.
Great reviews, as well.
Looked for some cool Lightning prints though… :slight_smile:

Justin, I am sorry for your loss. We get to know some folks surprisingly well considering it is through the keyboard a little bit at a time. If you ever wander this way, please let me know and stop in to say hello. In the meantime, welcome to the TT. I hope we will see you often. It has been a valuable resource for me over the years.