We made the local news !

During the snow storm we had Friday night, the local CBS affiliate called to ask if they could come up to the store and do a story about the weather and having to deliver pizzas in it. It only took 5 minutes to do on my part and then they rode along with one of my drivers. We’ve had a nice response and all day Saturday we received a lot of “Hey I saw you guys on the news last night !”.

Check it out. The quality is not that great but you’ll get the idea.

http://s65.photobucket.com/albums/h239/ … 008003.flv

That’s cool man. I hope you benefit from the PR.

That kind of publicity will do you a lot of good…Great job…

I am channeling a friend we miss dearly, but would certainly give you this message were he here . . .

[size=6]You Da Man!!![/size]

Top work.

I just hope I get half the time on air that you got.

As they say any publicity is good publicity.


P.S. For any consolation it’s in the mid to high 30’s (celsius) at the moment with clear blue skies, balmy nights, hell in the kitchen and driven mad by the worst plague of flies for decades. But gee that snow look nice and cooling.

Hey Dave, which part of Australia are you in? Because you’re talking about snow and I thought you guys are supposed to be having summer right now.

He’s talking about the snow on the Vocelli Pizza news clip. It’s snowing there, especially when they filmed . . . and they didn’t even play Interstate Bumper Cars like we do in Atlanta when it snows.