We made the switch to NY Style pizza 5 months ago!

I just wanted to share what we have done the past few months… We used to sale the typical pan style pizza, the economy was hitting us hard, business was slower than ever… so the choices were to sale the place dirt cheap and take a hit or make a dramatic change… after my brother spoke to a few people about selling the place, their offers were out of control… so he decided lets change our pizza… since i do internet marketing etc part time, i did some research and realize that in the small town we are, everyone offer the same type of pizza… pan style and by reading reviews from other places and our place it seemed like people wanted something different and better, pretty much people were sick the same old pan pizza… so we decided we were going to change the pizza to new york style… we made a few calls and a company sent someone down with samples of everything, and the same sales person also was in charge of teaching us to toss the dough since our whole pizza careers we only dealt with pan pizza… we practiced for a few weeks, got the recipes together and changed out whole entire pizza… the very first day we gave out about 30 pizzas for free… offering customers free slices to try it out… that first day was out of control busy!!! and the store had life again… since then it business kept being really really good… we figured it was going to drop since it was new pizza and small town so everyone was going to give it a shot, guess what??? almost 6 months later we are busier than we have ever been in the 14 years the store has been open… my brother and I have been there 11 years and last friday we had the busiest friday the store has ever had money wise… we saw a number that we never though we were going to hit… business is great and things are going really well… and the funniest thing is… we only advertised on facebook and by a banner, and thru our website… we havent done our mailing yet… we are doing it next month… we were saying, if it is that busy without advertising, the store is going to blow up once we send out menus to every house in town and the surround towns that we deliver to… i just wanted to share our story with you guys, hopefully it inspires some of you out there that dont know what to do, do your research and welcome change… because most times change is good…// this is our website, i took advantage of the fact we offer new york style pizza and made a new york style design, i was too excited LOL http://www.louiespizzeria.net

Congrats! Point of differentiation ([size=2]sorry, qfcmike :slight_smile: [/size]) once again proves its power.

Backed up by a good website. Entices people to try.
Good work and hope it keeps climbing for you.


Great to see that worked well for you. We have been in business for 51 years and we have always welcomed change when needed. This year and every year before we have gained sales through being original and being the best. Now wait till your advertising kicks in!
One minor critique if I may: The descriptions section on your website all seem to blend together. You really have to strain to see what item the description is describing on some of your menu items. Maybe you could have a line put in between each one.

That is so cool to read about and congrats on your new found success!

thank you guys… my brother has been very happy extremely happy and we cant wait till we mail the menus out … pizza of the month i will check that out thank you for the observation…

Have you studied your POS data to see if it is new clients or old clients?..I am wondering if you have lost some of your old client base because some of them preferred the old style…

Awesome story - congrats!

royster, we dont have a POS system… if do it the old school we, we feel a pos system can slow you down at times and the way we do things has been working great… We track our customers by the feedbacks we get, we get a lot of new faces telling us the hear from people they know that we changed the pizza and it was great… and thru the website, we get emails from new customers asking questions saying they never tried our pizza but heard that it was good, if we deliver to their towns etc… Also the GPS systems the drivers use save the info of customers, and they tell us how where they just delivered was a new customers and also they drivers say they have never been there… And the main things the numbers at the end of the night :slight_smile: … it made a big difference, my brother and I have been saying lately that the stores has life now, it has a new feeling to it…

If I were your customer and phoned your store for a delivery and I had to take the time to give you my name and address (especially after being on hold) I probably would not phone again…And I am probably a very typical client, too impatient for “old school” plus I want to be reminded to order 2 Caesar salads that I always seem to forget about…Sorry I can not for the life of me imagine being in the pizza business today without this important technology…And if you think people do not care because they do not complain it is probably because they are ordering somewhere else…Most folks do not complain they just go elsewhere…

Sorry, but I’m with RaymiR: POS systems are just a new toy that salesmen have convinced lots of people that they can’t live without - they have their advantages, but they have an at least equal number of DISadvantages. That’s my professional opinion - personally, I despise being asked if I want a Caesar Salad, or extra cheese, when I’m trying to make a call-in order, just because I ordered them before! And when “they” know my name and address without me telling it to them, it just gives me an unpleasant “Big Brother” vibe.

Another one of those issues that has a great divide…I wonder if someone set up 2 shops…1 with Deck Ovens, No POS and Grande Cheese and another with conveyor ovens, POS and regular cheese if both locations would have a different group of clients with very few that crossed over…

we get alot of the same clients over and over again with deliveries and they have no problem diving out their info everytime they call, when i call places myself they ask for my info when i get delivery… i think pos systems are better for big restaurants

I was the Old School guy with the pen & Paper method.
Since i bought my POS system in 2006, i’ve enjoyed 15% yearly sales increases, better efficiency, and better labor %.
No math errors, no uncharged items, easier accounting, etc…

I cannot imagine going back to the old method.

i was skeptical in the beginning, but glad i made that decision to better myself & my business.

I have seen plenty of successful places without a POS. First of all Royster with a POS you still have to dish out your phone number and name when you call in and then you usually confirm your address bc people often order from their friends, work, school etc…Secondly, if you get mad about me not reminding you what to order then you shouldn’t order in the first place. If I like the people and the food is good why would I care if they had a POS…Your order will be served either way…

With call display some of the information is pre-populated so we both save time (and you money)…And there are degrees of success…My research indicates that stores with POS systems are more successful (better profit margins & higher sales)…And I do not get mad if I forget something, you just lose out of potential profits…

I guess we all have different views in this whole POS stuff… We feel that we can take order faster and better by writting it down… instead of punching in order in the POS… that is just my opinion… :slight_smile: and happy new years to everyone btw

i am with Rob 100%…we did it over 20yrs the old school way and about the last 7 wth a POS (even switched to an whole new POS system about 3yrs ago)…there is no comparison and you are seriously fooling yourselves if you think otherwise. Sure the first couple months suck getting all the kinks out but that is the case with any changes in your operation. The only naysayers of POS that I know of are ones who purchases used POS systems or from really crappy POS companies.

Did you have to switch to a deck oven and who is this company you talked to? Thanks

We were going to switch ovens, but we had a local company that we know come down and the guy actually told us that our Zesto ovens were perfect for that style pizza… So my brother didnt have to switch the ovens