We Need a Pizza Union

We all work together and beat the big national franchise if you have more then three stores YOu are not included this would be for the small Mom and Pap shops not chains that Kill the small shops with ads every week on TV thats what this message board should be talking about not crying about closing your buisness because Jets moved in or little Ceasers if thei do pizzas for 5 dollers we should make them for 4 dollars all over America not just one state but next to every Little Ceasar, Im intrested in hearing any good Ideas Lets stop this. And If you are in the Union and need help ideas we will help you as a family we become stronger as one not as individuals.

Be better than your competition! You don’t have to worry about anybody if you’re better…it’s just that simple.

Look at the big Picture Its about more Power against them we would be bigger then any chain that = more superbowl ads on TV

One idea I saw work in another industry was that a group of indy retailers in widely separated markets got together. They opened their books to each other and brain stormed on costs, marketing and strategy. They went in together on promotional materials (think giant print runs of mailers) to save costs and eventually combined for buying power by negotiating with suppliers for better pricing…

I was selling to these guys so I have a pretty good idea how it worked. They also met once per year at the national show and invited vendors interested in doing business to come to them a present product and programs. Want to pay 20 cents for boxes like the nationals do?


wow, let’s use some punctuation . . .

Thats what im talking about buying power this Union would be bigger then any franchise just think how many individual pizzerias are out their compared to franchise all over America. All it takes a few good ideas to get things rolling Start a website and start signing buisness up then get suppliers involved and get better pricing. I figure it will be a snowball effect.

If only it were that simple. Whilst you might in theory have a better combined buying power you will still have major issues with getting goods to you. No supplier is going to be interested:

current position= 100 shops ordering 10 cases of xyz per week

‘Union position’ = 1000 cases required - but guess what - needs delivering in 100 batchs on 10 - let me think are they going to reduce the price and are you all going to agree to buy xyz - NOPE on both counts.

Kamron did something in terms of marketing but other than that if you want to form a purchasing collective its would take quite a lot of organising and overall I bet you wouldn’t save that much. That’s why the big boys win - they get it all delivered into their commissaries and they have a transport system - and its supported by the heavy marketing so that there’s sufficient volume at each store to support the delivery structure.

And lets say that you did do this - and I had two shops - my sales grow and I decide to buy another - oh yeah you don;t allow 3 do you; well we’ll make an exception for you - but then again Jim down the road has 3 now - he’s a good guy and then he has 4…

If you want better buying power and marketing go franchise otherwise stick to what bodegahwy said previously and produce a good product and differentiate.

From my own experience dealing with the food brokers I think it might be possible to get price deviations of $1, $2, $3 per case on stuff like tomato products and basic meats. These would have to be things that are available through the national distributors like US Food and Sysco. On the other hand, I don’t think you would have to have so many stores to get the pricing. I can get a couple of bucks just buying 100 cases at a food show for delivery over a 6 week show delivery period.

My guess is that if a dozen or so high volume shops all wanted to buy some of the same things you could save some money. Probably enough to pay for the trip to vegas. Worth doing? That is another question. But it would be good to really pick each others brains in more depth than we do here on the forum.

You need to form a food co-op. The diners do it in new york & new jersey. The food companies then discount the co-op.It doesn’t matter if you buy 7/11 or full red,you get the discount price.I know sysco and us foods fight over the co-ops, so it’s a win for the members.

Boys what im saying that if the union consist of 500 members only in california add it up yes it would take a few to set it up it would have to be corporation. Maybe even having our own distribution centers, This has been my idea for a very long time with todays tech anything s possible. I guess the big question is how much are the monthly dues I was thinking 100 dollers a month.

I would actively eschew patronizing so-called “union” shops. Getting formed and organized as a recognized Union by the US government will remove any personal allegiance and support I would offer. I do not want to see that word appear anywhere amongst independent operators within the industry as I know it. The culture and economic structures that accompany unionized labor, transportation and everything else will drive my business under the ground. Heck, minimum wage hikes are enough for me to swallow without bringing that U word into our kitchens and pantries. Then there is the weakest of negotiators being subsidized by those who can and do negotiate effectively for food pricing.

Additionally, the issues that are big doin’s in California will not be the same as here in Western GA. The food pricing for produce, meat, commodities will vary on either side of the Mississippi . . . and I don’t want to be yoked with the decisions of those “members” with more influence than I would have. In simple, blunt honesty, if I wanted that sort of centralized control over my day to day business, I would buy into a franchise.

I will, after all of that, suggest those who value that sort of arrangement should definitely gather together and discuss potential benefits. I am more likely to support a co-op than a union.

Name it what ever & Ban 2gether!!! Power in Numbers!!!