We Sell "Pork-Free" Pizzas & Subs!

Hello All,

I opened a ‘pork-free’ pizzeria in Dearborn, MI 6 months ago. My pepperoni, bacon and meatballs are all beef, my ham is turkey, my sausage is chicken and my salami is also beef. At first it was very difficult to find non-pork meats, but I was surprised to find a lot of companies sell these replacement meats. Why ‘no pork’? Religious dietary laws & also most of my customers are Muslims.

Just wanted to share this with all my fellow pizza makers!


I reckon there are several “Halaal” distributors nationwide…

Here is a man who identified a problem and is marketing a SOLUTION! There are people alergic to pork, religious laws, and people who just prefer no red meat or pork for personal reasons. Eat up that market and sell those pies!

I am a strong believer in the value of pork fat for the soul . . . so I would not eat there every day, but would find it cool to try out someone doing an ingenious spin on our favorite foodstuff.

Hi Ali,
My area also has a lot of muslims. I asked a few of my Muslim friends about halal pizza and everyone of them said it would not work unless I was exclusive halal shop, they won’t trust me. Non pork seems like a very good idea. Would you please post some suppliers? I am in Central California.
Thank You.

Nick, I was suprised that a lot of non-Muslims also don’t fancy pork and come to my pizzeria simply because they tired of pork meats. It’s all about personal choices, some people are surprised when they hear my pepperoni is beef.


There are two major ‘Halal’ suppliers in the U.S. Al-Safa and Midamar. Midamar is located in Iowa and has a HUGE selection of pizza meats & deli meats. There is also a company called Tayyib foods that makes everything from roast beef to smoked turkey, turkey bacon, corned beef, pastrami, etc. Tayyib is by far the cheapest & fortunately ‘Restaurant Depot’ carries this brand and their stuff is very good.

If you’re looking for pork replacement meats e.g. turkey ham instead of ham, beef pepperoni instead of pepperoni, turkey bacon instead of bacon, etc. Then your local supplier or even Sam’s Club/Restaurant Depot should have these items. You look close enough and you’ll find them.

There is one company called ‘Carolina Meats’ that carries a wide selection of these items.

Good luck.

You’d be amazed how many “beef” pellets contain meats other than just beef. Pork and chicken are also in there. I was surprised, but I didn’t care either.

Sysco ground beef pizza topping has chicken in it…