web cam

I was thinking of setting up a couple web cams to monitor the shop.
but how do I see it at a remote location?

We set up cameras at my shop that are available on the web either through software or the internet. It works pretty well but I never watch at home as I have better things to do. I use the cameras as back-up if I suspect theft through other audit methods we use at the shop.

One of our customers has a cool, inexpensive security camera setup that he can access on the web. It’s called LukWerks – He just goes to a web site, logs in and has control of the cameras just like he’s in the store.

Here’s the web site: http://www.wilife.com/default.aspx

The system is computer-based and records automatically when there’s movement.

Using a web cam won’t save you very much money over a system like this, plus it is low resolution and has no recording capability.