Web Hosting

Hello All,

My web site is just about ready now I have to host it. I really have no clue where to start does anyone have any suggestions on a good solid hosting company. I obviously am looking for a company that is dependable, no down time,
enough band width(dont want to be down on Super Bowl Sunday). I would appreciate any help.


I use Hostgator.com for my personal photography site and I have found them to be great. I have the “Hatchling” package and it is under $10 a month. http://www.hostgator.com/shared.shtml

I have used www.netfirms.com for years…

Just got my renewal notice from them:

Netfirms Plus Hosting - Renewal(Renew - 1 Year) 10GB, 500GB, 10 E-mails		83.40
SiteBuilder Lite 3 Page Edition		                                                                  0.00

These prices are Canadian Dollars. I am happy with the service they have provided.

I have also used netfirms for about 3 years, very happy with them, things work smoothly :slight_smile:

I’ve used brinkster.com for about 10 years now for various hobbies and endeavors including my shop’s site. I’ve been very happy with them. If you are into Microsoft’s technology–they allow ASP.NET which some developers prefer.

we have used www.webhost4life.com for years and have had no problem…