Web page for an idiot!

Ok, I need a web page for my new place and I am a total idiot as far as designing one goes! Are the online do it yourself site design companies like web.com, or even the one on costco’s website any good? I just can’t afford to have one professionally done at this point with all the construction problems/cost overuns I have had to date. If gettting software is the answer what is the easiest to learn/use for a nice site? Thank you everyone for all your help!

If you want plain and simple look at www.daddiospizzeria.com . That is what i got when I saved my Word document menu as a web page in MS Word. I then just moved it to the host site. The people who use their mobile devices to check my menu love it because it is basicly all text but still looks ok.

here is the one I will be using. It has upgrades that will drive surfers to your site from search engines like google. Those are premium packages that run from $30-$100.

But building is free, and hosting is only $5/month to startup. You can upgrade to $20 a month that increases your bandwidth, storage, pages etc. Then there is a platinum package at $50 a month that has some of the traffic software.

It looks easy and Forbes Magazine has ranked it as Best of the Web.

This is direction I am going.


Hope it helps


GoDaddy has a good, simple, affordable page designer and hosting offer called “Website Tonight.” You get a 5 page site for $5 or less per month, you can also register your domain name with GoDaddy, and you can build your site with their online page editor. It’s very easy to do.

As for “getting listed” on search engines, do not pay extra for that. There is no service that offers anything you can’t do yourself or even need to do. Search engines are in the business of directing web searchers to relevant sites. If you could pay to get better or top listings, everyone would be doing it, which would eliminate the value in paying. As for pay-per-click advertising, there is no restaurant that will likely benefit from that. Save your money.

If you’d like to tell Google about your site after you get it up, go here: http://www.google.com/addurl/

Tell Yahoo here: http://search.yahoo.com/info/submit.html

Tell MSN here: http://search.msn.com.sg/docs/submit.aspx

You should also list your company with the Open Directory Project here: http://www.dmoz.org/

The other search engines aren’t even worth spending time on.

There is no value in submitting your site more than once to each search engine! Search engines list you based upon the information on your site. Make sure you give lots of details about where you are, what you offer and why you’re good. Getting other sites to link to your web site is also important, as are informational page titles. If you want to learn more about how to do this, search the web for “search engine optimization” and you’ll have plenty to read!

I am using web.com for my website. Their sitebuilder tools are great and make updating a breeze. I pay $15/month.

I also use ehungry.com for my online ordering. I pay $10 per month + 15 cents per order.

Both are great values IMO. 8)

Thank you all very much for your help. I will check them out and then pick the best one for me. I appreciate the advise very much!

just an FYI for everyone if they want to try their domain name on GoDaddy.

About 6 months ago i entered my shops address on GoDaddys site to see if it was avalible in the .com version, it was… 2 days later I decided to use the Yahoo webhosting plan, attempted to buy the domain. OOPS SOMEONE JUST BOUGHT IT 2 DAYS AGO FROM GODADDY!

So i went with the .net version through yahoo. about 3 days after i published the site on my yahoo .net, the company that “bought” the .com version tried selling it to me for $500.00

Moral of the story, if you are thinking of a domain name, goto Yahoo and check it before anywhere else. I’m not saying buy it from yahoo… just use them to check and see if it’s avalible then dont hesitate if you want to buy it from Godaddy. I think it’s called Domain HiJacking.

mother f’ers wooo that p’d me off!

It makes little difference what place you “do not buy” a domain from…If you search a name and it is available, buy it…Because if you do not, every pirate in the world will know you looked and buy it…$10.00 to register it or $500.00 if you are held hostage…I figure a pirate has to only sell 1 out of 50 to break even and if he sells several he is making money…

I’ve had this happen too, and it’s not just GoDaddy, it’s everywhere. If it’s available, buy it now.

I’m using Godaddy for one of my fine dining concepts, it’s simple but it will show you what you can do for free ( for the cost of buying your domain ) www.thelakehousehotel.com

Following up on my previous post, I ran across a simple list of things you can do to optimize your position on search results pages. The article is an interview with Matt Cutts, a Google engineer whose blog I have read for a long time.

Here’s the link to the interview: http://www.usatoday.com/tech/products/s … tion_N.htm