web site setup

i am new to the tech age how do i go about setting up a web page with menu and story

thanks The Fat Boy

I designed mine with Yahoo.

$11.95/month, free domain registration.

Download their software and design the site yourself at no cost.


Hi Heather,

 I am in the same boat....Would you mind posting your website address so we can see what it looks like?  How hard was it to build your own?  Thanks for your help!

David McGuire

Check out slickricky .com

This company will design your website any way you want it, provide hosting, and register your domain name for you. They do a variety of other services too. They’re really quick and they do an awesome job. They are also one of the cheapest web design companies that I have seen yet. Check out their website for more information. Tell them that Roger Barnes told you about them. You should get a pretty good deal since I’ve done a lot of business with them. Hope this helps you out.

It didn’t take more than a couple hours. It’s really not hard once you get the hang of it. The other advantage is that you can make changes whenever you want, as many times as you want without being charged for them.

I’ll email my link.

Thanks Heather! That would be awesome!