web sites -- who has them?

I lurk on this board a lot becuase Pizza is my passion but my job is in IT (tech is a passion too), and i’m a business student. Reading the many threads about business operations is really interesting to me and gives me some real worlc insights into business in an industry where I have some experience. This got me thinking about how many of you have a web site, how you use that website (static or interactive communication), do you track the impact of your site on sales, do you try to drive ppl there. Did you design it yourself, know someone, or have it done professionally?
I’d love to take a look at the different approaches everyone took so if you have a web post here.



I don’t have a website for my Pizza Shop but I do have one for my Car Wash. It was professionally designed. It is linked to my “Access Unit” at my Automatic Wash. I use it build car wash clients.

I have one. I put my URL on everything. At first, it was a relatively static site (home page, map, hours, menu, etc.). But in October 2007, I added online ordering. For me, my web site is a vital part of my business.

That said, I’m cautious about giving out my URL on this thread because the original post kind of sounds “Spam-like”. :?

:slight_smile: You already gave it out in your post, neighbor.

doh!~~~ :o
I forgot about my profile. Oh well, I’m sure if he was really sharp, he could figure out a bunch of our URLs.

Out of curiosity which parts do you consider “spammy” in my original post? My original post isn’t anything more than it is – a question on how the web is being used as a tool for business, specifically the pizza industry. If it appeared otherwise that was not my intention.


I have a website, on average I get about 300 new visitors/month. I can’t imagine not having one. I get a lot of compliments on it too from customers, and they usually tell me their looking at the website while they’re ordering. I think its a great tool and everyone should have one.

I’m sorry for jumping to conclusions. When you stated your job is in IT, I just figured you were probing and then would hit owners up for business. If that wasn’t your intention, then my bad :oops: I and probably every business owner at one time or another has received calls like, “Oh, i was on your website. It looks fine, but there is room for improvement. My company can … yada, yada, yada.”

As Steve-O stated, it’s an essential business tool for today’s operator (IMHO). When compared to the cost of other advertising, a website is fairly inexpensive, the usage is measurable, and possibilities are endless.

BTW, I built and maintain my site myself, I do check usage regularly, and definately try to drive my target market there through search engines, business directories, and other advertising mediums.

After reading again my original post I can definately see where you might think I was probing. The funny part is that I was going for full disclosure by mentioning I was in IT to try and avoid that thought! :slight_smile:
but now that you mention it I do have this idea…ok just kidding! :slight_smile:

Thanks for giving your input to my question, I find discussions with business owners much more informative that most of my classes.