Website Address

I am in the process of creating a website and was wondering in everyone’s opinion how long or short should you keep your url? For example if my store is called Carlton’s Pizza Zone,should I use the whole name,shorten it to Carlton’s pizza or would even just the intials CPZ be enough? Any thoughts?

With URLs being so inexpensive buy everything associated with your name. I advertize but can be found by daddiospizza or daddiospizzeria both .com and .ca


Keep with just the one domain name, make it memorable, Buy the .com, .net, etc preffix to stop domain hostages. if you buy many domains you need to market them separately. Choose the prefix best for your needs, and publish and market that one well. Set up 301 redirects for your other prefixs.

Apart from being memorable the other aspect is search engine optimisation. will score better than for a search “pizza in London”.

IMO shorter is better.

If you decide to buy up other domain names it is important that every domain has different content, otherwise this is seen as a negative by Google.

If you have the time in setting up and maintaing several website then watch below, there are some benefits if you do it right, but for now my advice, just keep to the one, short memorable name, and buy the prefixs associated with that name. … ard-friday

Also consider buying an old domain name, will cost you ten time more $200 ish, but will give your seo a boost. make sure its not blacklisted though.

Good luck

Mark … ard-friday