So i had a little falling out with a former tenant that did my website b/c they could not pay the rent…I paid him for the work and he took care of everything and I really have no documentation or control over the site. I was planning on changing the content anyways and hire a new designer, but I need to keep the website address.

Does anybody have any advice on what I should do to take over control?


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3 things you will need.

  1. (web)Master User Name
  2. Password
  3. Software Program to make changes.

I know a guy who can help you if you want his name. He’s not cheap but he is good.

You’ll need to have the old webmaster give you the information. If you want to private message me or email me the domain name, I’ll look it up for you and find out which company it is registered with etc.

Worst case, you have to take him/her to court and prove that the website was registered by him/her on your behalf. Hopefully it doesn’t come down to that.

email and I will help with this issue.

I think I can help you out… let me know by PM… I design websites and Iam not expensive… that’s one thing I enjoy doing… so let me know I would be glad to help… plus I’m trying to build a porfolio so I can do it very cheap…

You need to transfer the domain to your name if its not already. Find out who hosts your website and get the login info from the guy who designed it. Then login and update your account info and change the passwords etc. this might be a process, just follow the steps. You now have management control over your site and can make changes. To make changes, you need the software used to create the site and all the supporting files (artwork) text etc. You use the software to change and upload new info to the server where your site is hosted.

If you are not experienced in this, your first step is to transfer the site (domain) to your name and create new log-in info. Then find someone to make the changes or create a new site. Hope this helps