website name

I have a delima, looking at a website but the only thing available for what I want is .net NOT .com
think that will make that much of a difference?

I think it is better to have a dot com. if you could maybe use nameUSA dot com or CITYname dot com or some other variation.

it’s more about advertising it…no matter what the name is, you have to let people know about it. just as with anything else you want your customers to do. that said… it would be nice to have both .com AND .net so you can have your website at both, otherwise some customers will end up on someone elses site if the same name is used by someone else who owns the .com you want.

not sure what name you’re looking for, but…

is available…does that help?

What name are you looking for? Maybe add the city you are located in…example"www.redbrickpizza(city).com or add a work like “the” (, or something simple that gets you in under the other name.

red BARN Tom.
Yeah - dotcom is preferable, and you can add something to the name. Or the dashes, though customers are unlikely to guess that.
How about

But wait a minute! You already HAVE If opening another location, I wouldn’t go for a whole separate website - just split off into two locations menus. For a different NAME, that’s a different question.

we are moving locations and changing our name to Rockstar pizza.
Ended up with

Hey red, why are you changing your name? is available…

So is

2 years ago when we opened we built a large red barn, the name was SO fitting,
we will be moving 100 ft away to a vacant hardees that has drive thru and dining room.
my wife works for a major record label so we have got to know the local djs REALLY WELL, plus people like inxs, Los Lonely boys, howie day and the fray have gave us testimonials not to mention that we HAVE TONS of autographed items for decor for the shop.
we also hope to do win a pizza party with…certain stars, thru the radio station.
we also are putting in a coffe shop within called,…Starstruck!

we also are putting in a coffe shop within called,…Starstruck

isnt that kinda like opening a hamburger shop and calling it McDougals?

i would be carefull with the coffee thing, i think Starbucks can order you to Cease and Desist .