Website Time

Well, I am now finally pumped to do my website. i got a photographer/ movie guy who will do shots and small movies for the flash intro, what do you guys think of different action shots and frames for the pizza?

A shot of a slice being lifted from a pizza while the cheese strings along etc…
A shot of the pizza fresh out of the oven still in the deep dish pan
need ore ideas as i want to really show off the food on the website.

Look at the many other pizza store websites out there and bookmark the ones you like. Steal (adapt) the good ideas from them and customize your own site to your liking.
Once the site is up, get a few valued opinions from honest friends and customers about what they think about the site. Tweak it then test it and then let it ‘go live’.

If you are interested in website design, please contact me at I can do your complete website for $500.

before you even start to design the site sit down and think about why you are doing it and what benefit there is in having a site both you and more importantly to customers.

All to often I’ve seen places spend money on a site that once up and running is of little or no use to the actual customer (and therefore the business) and as a result has very few visitors.

Ask yourself who is your target audience, how will they get to your site (are you prepared to spend money promoting it online and is there a local market online), and when they are there what info is there which they don’t already have??

For example a local competitor has a good looking site, you get the address from his menu (as he’s not promoting the site actively), and when you get to the site what does it have - they menu and little else. No online ordering. So he’s spent money basically to replicate his menu, which his customers already have. Unless someone locally is going to wake up and think oh I’ll look for xyz website then it has been a bit of a waste for him.

Having a website can be great but it can also be a total waste of money as well if not thought about.

Wizzle Wassle I am going to disagree with you…Imagine that, me disagreeing…lol…

Even if the website is only as replication of a menu it is a valuable tool…I think many folks look around the house for a menu and if they can not easily find it, they Google…There are 4 pizza places in my area and only 1 is online…That is insane if you ask me…Would I spend 1,000s?..No…But 500.00 or 1,000 would be no worse of an investment than newspaper or radio ads or a donation to a team…A simple website built using a “Content Management System” can be built cheap and updated by the user as needed…

thanks for the input guys. i actually am a graphic designer, and i did my own website for my other biz - what do you think?

I was actually looking for ideas on the different of pics I should get done of my food. Last weekend we had a free slice promotion on Fri and Sat night from midnight to 3am to celebrate our new late night hours and I had a camera guy in, we got some great footage, one with a Dominos driver in full uniform getting a slice and another with a drunk customer coming in and dropping his slice when exiting and then kicked it and procedded to pick it and eat it, classic, it was so natural and he looked so disapointed. Now I’m thinking of how to use these to my best advantage?

ops, my proofing reading skills are poor i must admit.

I didn’t say DON’T go online, what I said was to think carefully beforehand and think about how it adds value. If adding value is just having an up to date menu online then fine - but make sure you can update it quickly and easily without spending a few 100 every time. How many times has someone been on here with ‘hey guys look at my website’ only to link to a really tacky site that navigates badly and has little contact - in some cases its not even had the phone number displayed prominently.

With a bit of thought a simple site can be effective and professional, with no thought a site can be very complex costly and unprofessional.

Maybe having just a menu is fine, but make sure that you ensure the website will come up when you serach for it and don’t spend 100’s doing it.