So I have been working on the online portion of my website for a while now (the base and conception). What I want to do, I think needs to be done in flash. One of the biggest issues currently, is some how people are having a very hard time grasping a side A and Side B, a lot of the time they will just put side A when they want the whole pizza with a topping. I have noticed the big three all have a flash (I THINK) web site, my question is I have been told to steer away from that, only thing I see is it wont allow android phones to do on line ordering and I don’t think I have EVER had someone use there phone to place an online order…your thoughts?
here is the direction I was thinking
go to build your own pizza.

Flash is dead, well dying a slow death. it cant be seen on most smartphones, when it can, its slow, insecure and crashes a lot, and will never be on an iphone.

I posted here a while back, Dominio’s are doing a £1m a DAY, in the UK alone from online orders, with 12.5% coming from their Iphone app, they also said that will on current growth will be 30% for 2012. The CEO of pizza hut recently said that 50% of his order will come from mobile devices.

HTML 5 is your answer. The downside it can be more expensive to develop than Flash, as there are loads of flash guys looking for work, but all the html5 are busy. HTML 5 does not really play well on ie6 either, but unless your in China, that should not be a problem.

I just gone on the UK version of papajohns, they dont use flash, they use html, javascript and jquery.


I do about 10% online orders and of those 33% of them come through smart phones. My online ordering software has an app for i and droid and actually works better than the online version.

Why reinvent the wheel?

It’s not worth spending any time rolling your own to save $50/month.

hunger rush is OK, but I have found someone that will do the site for the price of set up and NOT have a monthly premium.
papa johns here in my area says its using adobe flash when I right click
I went to the uk site and it is different.

For what is worth…Flash is declining and HTML 5 will be the new standard, shortly…

Tech changes…sometimes it’s best not to be on the bleeding edge, but is also a poor decision to anchor yourself to failing tech…jes sayin’…

Android and IOS apps as well?