With the absense of online ordering, has anyone had success with websites? I have a website at and have gotten a few members. I put the website address on all my printed materials and ads, and I think the heaviest traffic are the folks accessing the menu and coupons. What would be the most effective way to draw a NEW customer?


  1. Change the top photos - lets put some people in the pics vs empty place to eat

  2. Spend $400-500.00 to get it redesigned by a professional, branding your site will only increase a customers confidence to spend their money with you.

  3. Loading time is slow - you can kill the menu app and have a designer put in a word press or blog to allow you to update your menu, that app i think is killing yoru load time

  4. Take off the “CANT RIGHT MOUSE CLICK” lol I want to view your meta tags and make sure you have them on right

  • I totally agree. No one needs a clock on the website, there’s one on your monitor already. Invest in a website designer.

Put some people in those shots! And you probably don’t need that many inside shots. Yes, your restaurant is kitchy and cool, but it’s overkill.
Also, the shot of the pepperoni pizza looks really bad… I wouldn’t want to eat it the way it looks on your site. If you are going to show food, use a really great photograph of it. Try getting a newbie photographer to shoot it for you if you don’t have the $$$ for a pro.

Find a website that you really like, and ask yourself why you think you like it. Chances are because it’s easy to navigate, is easy on the eyes, and is pretty streamlined.

Keep it simple! :slight_smile:

Also you asked this question:
What would be the most effective way to draw a NEW customer?

Do you mean draw them to your website or to your store?

We drive attention to our webite, generally, at It is currently offline for remodeling, and redesign with our new name and concept. We hope to have some pizza and food pictures to highlight on the site soon, as well. No online ordering for us, though.

We provide menu, pictues, news about the community and specials. Lots of customers go online to see the menu while they are on the phone with us. One thing I did not find on your boardwalk ppizza site is the basic menu.

It’s all about the food. basically you prepay your budget and get some of the best designers making mockups - you pick the one you like and they get paid.

I used them recently for

also - he just did the hot rod shop next door to us

one more thing - is a great site to learn more about getting traffic to your website etc.

No online ordering for me either. Not til I can
a) control the look and feel to match our menu
b) integrate with my POS so it’s tracked, printed, etc.
c) handle my unusual pricing scheme (NOT exactly per-topping)

But my site reflects all the same themes, colors, and graphics as my menu and my doorhangers, etc. I get people calling for a faxed menu, and first ask “can you get online? You can see the menu there.”.

I am getting about 5 people a week signing up for our “club” which promises them an occasional emailed coupon just for members. I designed this one myself for the place I work… people love it… I’m still working on it but so far so good…

I haven’t been interested in using our site for on-line ordering, it’s more a convience for customers. It really works, as long as we keep putting the URL on our marketing material.

It helps get the full menu out there and we can use it to advertise specialties easier. I love having a website and can honestly say I went cheap and cheezy (pardon the pun) instead of spending a lot of money. I have a godaddy site that cost a grand total of $7 a year. In 4 months, we’ve had over 600 hits - this all from mentions in our own materials (no search engines or anything). I love it for cheap advertising.

let me suggest to shopping carts that work really nice…


I’ve been taking orders online now for a month and a half. I love it. It’s not going to replace all the phone calls anytime soon but it is already cutting into them and average checks are higher with web based orders for sure.

The “how much”, “fax me a menu”, and “what are your specials” calls are really reduced because we refer them to the website. It also gives us a leg up “perception wise” over our competition. Our “Reward Points” Program provides our customers with great savings and incentives to order. At our request, many have referred our site to neighbors and friends. We start every new registrant out with $2.00 discount in points … but you can’t redeem the discount unless you order something so it’s a win-win for us both! Oh… and we make -0- mistakes on what was ordered!

We have attracted over 200 registrants in our first six weks and at least half are NEW customers who tell us they love it. They order online at the office… click click…pick it up on the way home…or have us deliver it at a designated time. It will only get bigger and better. My cost was $600 for everything I needed to get the site up and running and it’s $99 a month for the whole package. Our goal is about 3K in sales a week (or 12% of our total sales) by the end of our first six months of operation and I truly believe it can grow to 25% of all sales in a year!

Best yet… I get to send every customers an email blast every time I want since thier registration makes it permission based. I send announcements. specials, conduct various contests…you name it…and I stay in my customers mind. ALL large orders get a personal email “TY” and a request for an evaluation of everything…the process, the food, the delivery, the entire experience. If anyone’s NOT HAPPY … a fresh whatever is on the way!

Check us out at

I’d appreciate any comments and/or constructive criticism.

Looks great ! Internet ordering is the way to go. Especially for $600 and $99 a month. Do you really think that you can reach 25%, let alone 12% ?? We’re about to start online ordering in March and we’ve been thinking that it’ll be around 3% the first 6 months and grow to 10% after a year. Seems a little high.

On the web page I’d change the picture of the everything pizza. Two reasons, 1. It shows someone touching the pizza(doesn’t bother me but it bothers customers. 2. The distribution of the toppings is really bad. It doesn’t compare with the other pictures that follow. Those all look great !

Good luck and keep up the great work !

we have been using a website for 11 years now. we tried on-line ordering a long time ago and swore i’d never do it again. the website’s main function as we use it is for our menu and coupons. i don’t put coupons on my boxtoppers any more, only menu and NEW item introductions. we are getting more and more hits and customers love it. i designed it myself so that didn’t cost anything, and it’s hosted for less tan $ 80 per year. where else can you get that exposure for that cheap? i put the address on all printed material and use it in radio ads so i get regular customers and NEW customers to the site and from there hopefully to get some delicious freschott pizza delivered to their home.