Week to week sales fluctuation

Just curious as to what sort of fluctuation in sales everyone else sees week to week.

We usually see a +/- 10-15% fluctuation in sales compared week to week - for no apparent reason - i.e. similar amount of advertising, etc.

This makes it almost impossible to attribute any specific thing to an increase or a decrease in sales.

Do you guys see this also? Or are your sales more consistent? Comments?


Yep, my sales are all over the place too. I think most place’s sales are.

I always look at a 4-week moving average of my sales. That will smooth out your peaks and valleys and give you a nice indication of which direction you’re heading.

yeah… this is normal for me too.

I see this too. The 1st of the month is highest, then the 2nd is lowest, then it builds back of to the 1st of the month. I think it has to do with 1st and 15th paydays along with 1st of the month government payments.

If you look at your sales variance you might figure out what the apparent reason might be. Look at what days are paydays, and various utility bills and credit card bills.

I can tell from my POS what day each month my regular customers get paid and when their bills are due. Whether it their order is smaller or they don’t order for a few days all shows on the POS.