We have 7 pizza shops in our small town and the population is only 2500.Does anyone know what a good weekly sales figure should be.

after spending a few hours “running the numbers”, based on all the information you gave, i have determined weekly sales should be 3,286.87 for strictly delco. now if you have dining with liquor, add an extra 769.22, per week.

Don’t know what numbers were used for the previous estimate, so I can’t comment on them.

I operate a pizzeria in a town of 2500 that is 15 miles from next nearest town. No schools, no apartments and no commercial centers. At our peak performance, we are hitting 3800 to 4100 a week. Average is around 3600.

Our ONLY “competitor” right now is a Hunt Bros. corenr in a convenience store. The only other place to eat for 12 miles is a small mexican cafe down the street that opened last summer with no delivery. Our town demographics skew to lower disposable income per capita, so we are actually surprised and pleased to continue growing each year.

When we get our full menu dining room this spring, we expect to ramp up hat weekly sales again . . . and when we get beer/wine license, it will bump us up still more.

I’d say that if you were able to have 10% of the population order from you and you had an average guest check of $15 dollars you should be around $3,750.

We are doing about 10000 a week pizza is about 44 percent of our business.We don’t do any advertising and not sure if i need to.

pman writes:

We are doing about 10000 a week pizza is about 44 percent of our business.We don’t do any advertising and not sure if i need to.

$10,000/week with 2,500 population and 7 competing pizza shops? Wow, you must own 6 of the 7. Are you sure that’s not a population of 25,000?


2500 and I only own one in this town.I’ve had other stores in small towns that did almost the same numbers.GREAT FOOD or just darn lucky.This is my 4 th shop i’ve owned and just purchased another new one in another small town and except it to do even more.

1st off, what city are we talking about. If you are really and truly similar to my town, then we are doing something wrong . . . and you have figured out have to make big dollars without risking state penitentiary time :wink:

What’s the median income level? And what’s the total population and/or households within 5 and 10 miles of the shop? If you are in the midst of a dense population area and only 2500 in the “city limits” that can have an impact. A 2500 population suburb of Miami, or a resort town, is different than my 2500 rural town in West Georgia, ya see.

Help us see yourgenius. I really am curious what we are missing . . . we want to turbo charge this thing right now.

I think pmans shop is in the town of MakeBelieve. He has a crew of elves working for him that ensure each pizza is topped with their special fairy dust. Orders float down from the crystal blue sky tied to the wings of butterflies.

:lol: OMG! I almost peed my pants! That was funny as Hell.

That was pretty funny.I laughed all the way the bank.

And that bank or pizzeria is located . . . . . ? I am not doubting you, just trying to get handle on the picture you are painting, to understand what your claims are. Haven’t been answered yet, though.

Really is a shame you didn’t answer the question about your location. I do believe that not providing it is what is challenging your credibility in this thread, and maybe in the Think Tank community.

2500 people and doing 10k a week that’s kind of weird… but if u r telling the truth good for u… where I work now my brother in law’s shop, the population is about 8500 to 9000 people, there is 4 shops all together within less than half of mile ratio between them believe it or not, we average about 8500 a week, our best weeks we hit between 10k and 11k… open 6 days a week, closed sundays, no delivery…


Your Killing it.
The city next to me is pushine 12-17 shops… I dont know exactly how many. They open and close all the time. there pop is about 25k and the top guy there is doing 20-25k a week, the next guy has two shops and is at 18k each, there are about 4 more doing 8-10 each and then the rest are feeding off the bottom at 3-5k each. Not that 3-5 is bad, its just that they dont have much time in yet, and have not created an identity. This city I am speaking of is primarily lower income and section 8 housing. these people seam to have more disposable income… mainly due to our taxes. LOL. with 2500 people and 8 shops it maybe possible to hit 10k a week. but highly unlikely. there may be no Hamburgers, Pitas, Tacos, Pasta, and or Beer in the town. Last one was a joke… everybody has beer. if that is all there is, and they serve all of them then it could happen.