weekly special...different pizza/pasta not on menu

Do you have a weekly special that is constantly changing? We don’t do it now but we are thinking of doing a different specialty pizza or pasta that is not on our menu. who does this and how successful is it?

We do it monthly, which I would recommend instead of weekly. We’ve been doing it a year and a half now and it’s went over really well. It gives the regulars something new to try, and it also gives people something to talk to their friends about.

We’ve added some things to the menu because they went over so well, and we’ve also made some items for a particular season and now we are ‘bringing them back by popular demand’ a year later. I personally think weekly would be a lot of work, but coming up with something new every month is feasable.

I did the same thing as Mandino. If you want to expand your menu it is a good way to see what sells. For me, it did nothing to boost sales.