weighing for dough

Is there a simple and reliable way to weigh your flour and water for dough formula ?

I plan to use 46 pounds of flour from a “50” pound bag and and the appropriate water of around 26 pounds. I assume you can measure water by volume after that volume is verified with weight.

From my little experience, I have made varying small portions and always weighed out everything.
Was looking at scales at the meeting in Florida and it is a little confusing.

What do ya’ll use ?



I’d say to use about 15 qrts.

Hope that helps!

specifically, I want to find out on what kind scale do people weigh their flour.

50# dial scale, tared of course. At least with General Mills 50# bags, they weigh 1/2 lb after removing the top binding. You can do water by weight, be sure to tare, or make marks on the measuring container for each sub-portion, IOW “fill twice to THIS mark”. That avoids the forgetting to tare problem.

I use a 5lb scale that I use to portion doughballs
Tare a 1 gallon bucket and weigh 5lb 4 times.
If you want just weigh out your 4 lbs and use the remainder of the bag.

Just remember that a fifty pound bag of flour does not always weigh fifty pounds!

good point, would sure make it easy if it did, not reality though

  At this point, I plan to get an accurate receiving scale, place the "50" pound bag on it and scoop out till it reads 46 pounds, 1 oz, then I know I will have pretty close to 46 pounds of flour........figuring the bag weighs 1 ounce, will have to verify that