weighing four

What is a simple and accurate way of weighing out your flour ?
I plan to use 46 pounds.

Is there an good scale to measure this, that is reasonable in cost ?

I know some people use a 50 pound bag and add water. I am looking for a way to get an accurate measure.


we make 3-5 batchs/day in a 60 qt…accuracy is one thing, but the diff between 46/50 is negligible…make a 50# batch & 26-28# of H2O, or 14.5-16 qts…find the dough you like & make a plastic bucket w/a water line…no need to make an issue out 4#

Do you ever have to add water or flour after you start mixing, and if so, how much ?
Sounds like a simple method.

what size mixer do you have, Otis? A Hobart 60qt would have to have the 2.5 hp motor to handle that load. That’s from Hobart directly.


I have not purchased one yet.

Since I am putting it in a trailer, I was thinking of a barrell mixer, like Fleetwood. It weighs less than 200 pounds and will mix up to 55 pounds of flour;
I know it will not last like a Hobart or like mixer, I wonder about it’s value for longevity.
I have not found someone who has one.
can send you the link to it if you want…