is anybody else off to a really bad start to their week? why is it all the the talk on the the tv about the stock market.i have only been in business for 2 years. how is it usually before an election. :roll: :roll:

both stores down monday and tuesday to start the week for me, hopefully weekend evens it out.

last week really sucked. this week slightly better. But I will be slow until after the election.

Concetrate on giving good service the week of Halloween, it tends to be the doorway into the next few months leading up to SuperBowl. Those days you get alot of customers trying different places out, and if you give them good service, they will come back.

This Tuesday and Wednesday have been bombs for me. Very strange. I truly think it is all the economy talk. Every person that walks through my door is talking economy and cutting costs. This is going to be a bumpy ride for me I am thinking. I am doing some stuff to help boost sales, wish me luck!