Welcome to the Healthy Pizza Forum

Since Pizza is fast becoming the world’s favorite food, developing a “health food niche” within the pizza industry is a very practical way to reduce the incidence of childhood obesity, provide alternative choices for diabetic and celiac consumers and to help improve the general health of our planet.

Our mission: To identify and organize consumers and business interests into a viable marketplace to develop better tasting healthy pizzas.

Use this forum as a collaborative tool to further the healthy pizzas mission. For more information, visit www.healthypizzas.org

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PMQ Management

Has anyone tried ZPIZZA?

Here at PMQ, we agree that pizzeria operators need to stay in tune with the trends–healthy options being a one of the hot ones. Each month we cover a healthy topic in our Healthy Slice column. Here are the topics we’ve covered so far:

Jan/Feb 2008 - Whey Protein
March 2008 - Gluten-Free Dough
April 2008 - Whole-Wheat Pasta
May 2008 - Trans Fat Free
June/July 2008 - Whole-Wheat Dough
August 2008 (soon to arrive in mailboxes and online) - Soy Cheese

Check them out in print or online at http://digital.pmq.com.