Well done pizzas

This question is for all conveyor oven users. Do any of you have a system for making a pizza well done with consistency other than running it through twice and burning it?

I push the pizza back into the oven 18" and it consistantly comes out the way I like. I have a measuring “stick” that I use. The person feeding the oven and the person on cut both need to be on the ball when you get an order for a well done pizza.

Put an empty screen behind the well done pie to signal & allow room 4 a well done pie…

Yep thats the system we use as well.

We open the door and put the pizza in the oven about 3/4 of the way to the exit.

Then when it comes out obviously undercooked, the tender knows that it is “well done” and just puts it back at the normal entrance. Comes out perfectly well done for us, and no mistakes by the oven tender.

it all depends on how your oven cooks. Ours, a lincoln impinger… cooks darker on one side. The owners won’t get anyone in to fix the problem. So we put our well done pizzas on that side as well as the meats pizzas. If no space is available or we are using the other oven we just run well done pies a time and a half and watch it and pull it out early if necessary.

We run them 1 and a half with perfection. If the dough is still a little cold we run 2X.

Hi Guys

This is an interesting conversation:

In the last few years we have not been converting hundreds of deck users to conveyor ovens to air impingement conveyor ovens as we did years ago.

We used to be hearing “almost no one asks for well done pizzas now” from those who had converted.

This is the first I have learned that there were enough requests for “well done pizzas” to those using air impingement conveyor ovens that a procedure had to be developed.

I would be interested in knowing what ovens those getting the requests for “well done” are using and what percentage of sales are involved.

I have never had a client of ours request a formula for doing “well done pizzas” so I am looking to this forum for information.

George Mills

I know in my past misguided youth, we cooked our pies WAY 2 fast…now, as I’ve gotten older & wiser (I wish) I’ve turned down the temp & slowed the conveyor speed…get an excellent crisp crust…we’re driving 20 yr old ovens to boot! I rarely get a request from “regular” customers for well done pies…but a very few from 1st timers…

I am with Patriots on this one. It is first time/tourist customers that ask for well done. We push the pie back in 20 inches or so. I think the request comes from experiences with undercooked pies from either rushed or overworked deck ovens at other places “back home”.

For the people that are running pies through 2 times how fast does your oven run? If I ran a pizza through my oven twice it would be pretty much black. We generally stick them back in about one screen length like some other people mentioned and that cooks it pretty well. Most customers seem to have a different definition of “well done” and only a few really like it darker than a normal pie.

For first time customers I tell them that we make our pizzas so they are completely cooked. If for some reason the pizza is not done enough for them we will gladly make them a new one. I have only a few customers that insist that I cook it more than normal.

we get requests for “well done” pies a lot. people around here like things burnt, it’s odd. Every restaurant I have worked at in this area has been the same… an extraordinary amount of requests for well done food.