Well i got my PS200 installed but i have some finger Q's!!

I love my conveyor belt oven, i cannot tell you how happy i am with it so far.

The Pizza’s cook faster and look so much better

My question is with adjusting the fingers top and bottom, my pizza is a screen type pizza, Sourdough, a thicker type crust and dense but soft. if that makes sense

Right now i have 4 fingers on the bottom of the oven and 2 on the top of the oven for the air flow. I had the oven set at 475 degrees for 7 min. The pizza looked great but was doughy as all hell. So after alot of messing around and alot of wasted pizza i have it at 422 degrees for 8 min. much less doughy. I am getting there

i want to know the best finger configuration, on the top i have a space then a finger and a spacer then a finger, would it be better if it was spacer finger finger spacer?

on the bottom the fingers go all the way across with no spacers.

I would like all the advice i can get on fingers and time/temp combo, so i can get her dialed in for the best bake.

I love not having a soggy pizza!!!

thanks guys

Re: Well i got my PS200 installed but i have some finger Q’s

Hi Jokergerm:

The fingers you refer to are available with differing numbers of air holes and you can use more or less fingers as required and varying numbers of air holes per finger

If you wish to raise the temperature of the bottom but not the top you decrease the number of holes on the top fingers so as to restrict the air flow and raise the temperature setting.

There are many combinations of numbers of fingers with various numbers of air holes. It all depends on the dough formula you are working with and experimenting is the way to get to your best results.

Technicians who install many ovens develop a great talent for finger arrangements to best bake varying doughs.

You should consult with, Tom the dough doctor, he may suggest a variation in your dough to solve your problem.

George Mills