Well...I'm eating my words, but I had approval after all

After 6 months of business, using Digital Dining POS, we’ve changed.

Digital Dining had a terrific demo which showed it would do every single thing we wanted. Reality, at least from the dealer we were using, shows that to be a huge pile of wishful thinking.

We actually negotiated an out with DD, returned the operations key to them last Friday, and started putting Foodtec in place. We actually ran manual tickets all day Friday, most of Saturday, and partially on Sunday. By Sunday evening we were fully on Foodtec, and it’s been getting better every day.

The learning curve is severe to say the least, jumping in with all feet at once, but we have made it work. The staff at Foodtec has been amazing, to say the least, and the system actually does everything it advertises, and then some.

We have a long way to go to fully utilize it, but as far as daily business–customer orders, delivery, dine in, carry out, tracking the money—we are thrilled.

There are still a few things to figure out, like some of the reports and some printer configs, but it’s all minor at this point. Soon will come advanced couponing, inventory, scheduling, and food cost tracking. I can tell already, these will be a joy.

In some ways it may have been good to start with DD, since we found things we wanted but it couldn’t or didn’t do. Going into Foodtec (which was my first choice 2 years ago) now makes the switch so rewarding, everyone is marveling at the system.

Fortunately, DD did work with us. maybe not to the extent we wanted, but we worked it out. For the right type of business it would be great–a pizza restaurant with only specific sets of ingredients, a doughnut shop (which I’ve seen, and it is perfect) or a coffee shop with sandwiches. But, it’s overwhelmingly obvious now that a pizza-specific POS is the way to go.

My thanks to the Foodtec gang, and to DD’s crew for that matter, and to all the POS reps who have been in contact over the last couple of years. We are happy with this decision, and won’t be listening to any more sales pitches for several years.


The lesson learned here is find a POS system that is designed for the pizza industry. there are many things that just don’t apply to any other type of food service.