Well its been a month since our grand opening!!!

Well, i started a Westside pizza in a samll town of about 20k people. There are 3 other pizza places in town, one sells $40 dollar pizzas its good but way way over priced. The second one is a pizza factory and well its a pizza factory. and the third is a paradise pizza which does about 600 a day in sales.

The first month open we did 22k in sales. which i not to bad , for a new store. On the 10th day we got robbed, they stole all of our computers, and company checks and some 2 liters and pizza bags and 2 bags of chicken wings and some pineapple and olives.

After the robbery sales fell off alot, im not sure why but we were doing like 800 a day and now were down to 500 or so. So i need to start doing some marketing.

Anyways the paradise pizza place just got put up for sale last week for 50k. I offered him 30k for the equiptment and his phone number. I did not want him to sell the place to some one that knows what they are doing and to do a good job and compete against him. Me buying him out gives me all the equiptment i need to open anohter store somewhere else and most of his market share in the town.

He took the 30k offer and we close the deal on monday. i cant wait.

anyways just wanted to share


Jokergerm, I think that was a wise busines decision. Idid the same thing years ago and it worked out great.

Let us know how your sales are after you take over his phone number.

Yea i really think its the best choice to buy them out, they dont do that good of a job and they still gross about 250k or so, i figure for 30k and i get all there equiptment and the phone number. I figure that i will get about 60% of their sales from the number transfer.

What i really really did not want to happen was to have some one come in there and but the place from paradise and know what they are doing and then get to compete against them. Im just trying to figure out how to awnser there phone line next week. i was tihnking about saying Paradise-westside pizza how can i help you.
Or Formerly paradise pizza how can i help you. i need something clever to say on the phone to the customers so they dont get scared away.

also they have some nice stuff in paradise, they have the new style ps 360q ovens and also the dominos heat wave bag system and a brand new make line. and very very nice dominos prep tables. Paradise used to be dominos but the owner had some personal issues and shut it down.

I really really think my 30k will pay for it self the first year.

Awesome move! I think that will be the best 30k you have ever spent, and in more ways than one!!! Good luck!

That was a great move! Let us know how it goes!

And i got a no compete clause for 5 years out of him for the whole county…