Wen't to restaurant equipment supplier and he said..

Just had it done a year ago. Roofer charged $700.00 to make the hole. So even if you buy your hood, filters, return air, suppression system, fan and venting all used with installation you be real luckey to get one all in for 10K .

Crush like I said earlier here’s another option for you that might work go to:
http://www.icx.ca/index.aspx hit advance search
where it says Looking for, highlight Business
Price min $.00 max $25,000
Province Ontario.
On the right side of the screen where it says Business Type High light Restaurant on the under minor business type highlight no preference and hit search.

That will give you an idea of what established places are for sale, how much and where

Hey Crush, too funny, i’m orginally from Ottawa as well and thinking of opening my first chain there, Colonade pizza still the bomb for Pizza in Ottawa?

A friend wanted a washroom in his basement. He called about a dozen people. Prices from $2000-$8000(!).

Finally, someone quoted a fair amount - $600. Even then… I mean man… 10 hours work $600 tax free. Not too many people get paid that much! And to think people wanted 10x that amount?

I am confident I could install the hood myself and up to code seing as I did the wiring and pot lighting in my basement, cut, replace, solder and repaired my leaking water pipes, and replared a leaking toilet as well as completely removing the subfloor on the ground floor of my house.

I seem to have most of the tools to get most of the job done already actually.

Actually, I bet in just 3 days I can have the hood up and spec’d to code with no contractors or paid help. It isn’t a very difficult job in my humble opinion.


I couldn’t buy a place that went under becuase I can’t afford it. I’ve looked through the listings quite a bit actually. I’d like to modify the existing place in a neighbourhood where people ‘eat/order pizza’. I had no idea the hood would cost more to install than fully assembling a Ford Focus.

Here’s a grease hood for $990 brand new. 6ft x 4ft

http://www.acitydiscount.com/Superior-H … 15.1.1.htm

I’m confident I could install one myself up to code. Out of this whole business plan, it’s actually the one thing I’m confident on. I just don’t want to dedicate the research time that’s involved.

Wonder how you found the price to be on fire retardant batting for wrapping the exhaust duct work?

Awww… someone deleted the post from the new retailer that dug up a 2 1/2 year old post! Although… I am pretty sure that this pizza shop did not take off on a $15k total startup budget! :roll: Maybe I am wrong???

What you are capable of doing and what you can do are two completely different things. I am capable of determining I have a cold, and I am capable to write my own prescription for medicine I need to fix it. I cannot do any of this though due to regulations.

Opening a business cost money. Its part of it. I have no idea on the regulations in Canada.

I installed a hood a year ago. I tried to do it as cheap as possible as well. Using used hoods. Here is all the state required.

Mech. Engineer Plans on the hood
Structure Engineer Plans on the roof
Labor to install the hood
CFM test to make sure hood is pulling at Mech Engineer plans
And because I didnt plan it out correctly, and went at it as cheap as possible. A nice metal railing had to be installed on the roof because the hood was less than 3 ft from the edge.

Canada might not be as strict but I would hardly believe its some wild west do whatever you want place.

You guys do realize this thread is over 2 years old? Right?

So are most of my customers! :mrgreen:

Haha, I feel like an idiot

It was brought back to life by some equipment vendor that has since deleted his post. Back to sleep little one… :!: