We're soooo close to being open. Thanks everyone!

The culmination of a year is days away. We had the final above-ceiling inspection and we’re set for a health inspection on Wednesday. Barring unforseen circumstances, i will no longer be a lawyer come Thursday. I’ll be a broke pizza cook.

Thanks to everyone on this form. Although I didn’t post too much, I lurked a lot. This board has been an invaluable tool in getting ready to open. I’m sure it will continue to benefit my business for years to come.

Here’s a quick peak at my signage (went up Friday afternoon):


Patrick Cuezze

Awesome Pat!
Good luck man, use everything you read here and be aggressive! One thing, I looked at your menu on-line, it’s very hard to read and I have a rockin’ computer. Get with who does your website and see if you can do something about that. Again, good luck, I’m up 200% from last year all because of this board. My winning strategies: Menu mailings, website, Facebook, Emails (Constant contact), ONE local paper, bounce back coupons, give till it hurts (Scouts, sponsor ball teams, schools, do a Christmas dinner for needy families), get a channel sign so you can change it everyday, exploit holidays, package deals, greet and talk to as many guests as humanly possible and remember their names. You are about to embark on an exciting, frightening, tiresome, rewarding challenge. Never say die, love your family and take care of number one, much love and luck bro.


looks good Patrick. I wish you every success!!

I’d agree with the above comment that you need to do something with the menu on the website. Its THE most important aspect of the website and its pretty unreadable.

Keep us informed of how you’re getting on!

Good Luck and apply those White Collar skills to every moment of being open; it makes a difference. The long hours previously spent studying and working will help you in this business, trust me. Stay focused and get ready for an experience unlike anything you have dealt with. It’s unique, tiring, gratifying,trying and fun all in one.


Good Luck!

We bought a new car up the road from you last month. I just took on Roma as my secondary supplier, but went to RD in downtown KC pretty regular before that. Next time I make an emergency trip, I’ll stop in and say “hi”.