We've sold our business.

Rob and I have sold Fast Break Pizza to a husband and wife team who have been long time regular customers. They will be taking over the store July 1st. The store will be close during the first week in July for renovations which I haven’t been clued in on the entire plan. I do know that they plan to implement several things that I wanted to do including the patio outside and adding a grill to the kitchen so burgers and chicken brea$t sandwiches can be grilled. The dining room is going to get another upgrade. The wall that Rob and I built 4 months ago has been working out well. It is my understanding that they will not be messing with our pizza recipe, just adding some more pub type fare to the menu and of course utilizing the grill they plan to install.

After giving the business the past five years of my life, I’m ready to move on. I’m going to miss it terribly, but the headaches involved with staffing and the constant struggle to keep costs of goods in check with menu prices has made it tougher and tougher. My customer’s wallets are lighter and lighter with the cost of fuel taking more and more of their income and I don’t have the desire to push the business to keep things moving. I’m excited that the business is in a position to do very well with fresh blood at the helm. Rob and I have grown the business dramatically and with the growth in area, I’m sure they will do very well.

I recently retook the real estate exam and have joined a local RE/MAX office. My Mother has been an agent for almost 20 years. My Father has been a residential home builder my entire life, so I’ve been around the industry my entire life.

If you or anyone you know is getting ready to buy or sell, please keep me in mind. I can be reached via email at scott@sellinggreaterlouisville.com – I could really use some help drumming up some referral business. Oh, and yes, I can refer you to an agent out of state and still make some coin, so please help me out! :smiley:

Good luck Scott and Rob, hope all works out well for you guys! Please keep us think tankers in mind and stop in and say hello once in a while.

Scott - I hope you come back to the BBS once in a while. Good luck with real estate.

Must be nice to have no worries on this Friday night. I must say that in a way, I’m jealous!

Ditto plus more.

Good luck.


I’ll definitely be around. Now, I’ll even be able to take a vacation next year and visit a few people.

Oh and yes Paul, it was nice Friday. I took the girl I’ve been seeing out for some drinks and dancing… on a Friday night, like a normal person :slight_smile:

Wish you all the best Scott, I am sure it was nice to be “normal”


Wow I actually have time to post now :)… I’d also like to say thank you to everyone on here for your help and support throughout the past six years. We haven’t been active on the boards lately but 5 years ago, you probably couldn’t find a post without mine or Scott’s name on it. We learned alot from pmq and the fellow think tankers. Thank you.

I will continue my adventurers into the IT world from here (my original profession). I will probably still check the board on a regular basis :)… Anyways, all have fun in the pizza business and best of luck.

  • Rob

how i envy you two.my place is also on the market now and i cant wait to sell.have had a couple of bites but yet to see any reel lunckers.
good luck

Rob and Scott,

I wish both of you the best of luck. Even though you might not be in the pizza business any more, you’ll ALWAYS be TT’ers. So you both better keep coming around. You opinion is important to alot of us.