WFO users. who are you able to get for insurance?

I Have been having an ongoing battle between my health inspector and my insurer for 3 years now,
My insurer will not allow our BBQ pit (UL Listed as zero clearance from combustibles) within 10 feet of the building, and I have my HD barking in the other ear saying it must be moved inside or built through the wall.

I am also wanting to get a commercial UL listed wood-fired pizza oven for here, and running into insurance issues for anything that uses a “Solid Fuel”

Throw me a bone over here, what insurance company will cover solid-fueled commercial appliances?

Give me a call. I’m an insurance agent and can probably help you. My wife and I are also in the process of purchasing an existing pizza business, so maybe we can each help each other. Don (920) 374-0268.

Will Monday work? I see we are in the same state, so that helps too

Sure, I have a few appointments, But if I don’t answer leave me a message. Who do you currently have for an insurance carrier?

I believe we are with Society.

about 4 years back, they got all crappy about 'Solid Fueled Appliances" and will not allow anything within 10 feet of any structure. It does not matter that the appliance is UL listed as zero-clearance from combustibles on 3-sides.
I even asked about housing it in a steel & concrete block building 10 feet away from the main structure, and i’m told that is not allowed either.
After communicating with their underwriter, I was told that they suffered some major losses due to solid fuel appliances, after a little further digging and trying to get a clarification, it turns out they had a client cooking in a home-built charcoal grill made from a 55-gallon drum while it was placed on a wooden deck, they left the grill unattended while it was still lit after they closed for the night. Embers fell through the air vents, and burned the structure down. well DUH!!!

None of my gas or electric appliance in my building have a zero-clearance rating, except for my BBQ pit, and that is what they are all bent out of shape over, so I asked about a wood-fired pizza oven with similar UL listing for fire safety, and was told “If it uses solid fuel, we will not cover you if it is within 10 feet of any structure, no matter if the structure is made entirely of a non combustible material from top to bottom.”

Now here’s the kicker,
I’ve got my HD inspector barking in one ear that I must have the pit enclosed in my kitchen or built through the wall, and my insurer barking in the other ear telling me exactly the opposite!
I wish those 2 would duke it out on their own instead of sticking me in the middle,

I do not enjoy having to go outside to load and unload my BBQ pit, nor do I like my $27,000.00 appliance being outside being hit by the low truck, or it being able to be vandalized either.
If you find someone who does not have their head firmly planted in their own posterior, I will switch carriers rapidly! I want a WFO, and I want my BBQ pit in my darn kitchen, not out in the damn parking lot.