What a week for equipment....

Sunday night: phone rings and my manger tells me the walk-in is 55 degrees and the coil is iced up. I hop in the car and drive over and sure enough, 2" of ice.

I turn off the roof top unit, climb up on a ladder in the walk-in with a hair dryer and start get the defrost project happening while the crew knocks out a big night and then transfers food to the various coolers around the place.

By the time the thing defrosts, we discover that the last time this happened, a couple of years ago, an employee chisled and scraped the ice off and hacked up all the fins! I never knew about it. (Train your crew! the little voice in my head reminds me!) The long and short of it is, we need a new coil.

So… I call the refridgeration guy and he comes out on Monday to have a look. Yep, we can get that part and take care of this early next week. In the mean time, the defrosted and cleaned up unit is working fine. I asked him to have a look at the HVAC unit on the roof, change filters etc and have a look at the oven exhaust too while he is up there.

HVAC is fine. New filter installed. But the oven unit needs a belt so we get that taken care of. On that same day, the 12 year old true freezer, which has only been holding about 5-10 above recently rises to 20 degrees… so “would you have a look at that too while you are here” After some poking and proding, it seems the compressor is fine and there is no refridgerant leak but it needs a defrost timer.

All in $3,000. Don’t you love owning a business? Too bad that money is gone. I will not be able to split it with the drivers!

Watch out talking like that. Gregster and PPG will get upset about you being a Greedy store owner :lol:

With all the repairs on the rerigeration it will be inetresting how much your electricity bill reduces. Ours went down $300 a month after installing a new coolroom motor and evaporator and another $200 per month when we replaced our old faulty 700lt chest freezer with a buckled lid with an upright 3 door one.
And no I didn’t share the spoils with my drivers so I guess I will be upsetting thiose from the whinging drivers forum.


It seems like when one piece of equipment goes down, more tend to follow. We were on the verge of closing down the business, and in the last few days, the mixer took a total dump. We had to lease one just to get through to the end.

And as a side note: I did all my own delivering because I was greedy. I’m in business to make money and that’s where it was at. My wife ran the inside and we did have employees. :smiley:

I agree with the when one goes many go…but I also agree with the “while you (the repairman) are here…oops… there goes another” line of thinking. I am 1000% for preventative maintenance but it always seems like when the repairman is there…those schedules get bumped up a bit. :idea:

When it rains it pours…

It is nice to have the money to pay for it so it is just an inconvienence rather than a catastrophe.

Always a good reminder to put a little money aside for those emergencies.

Always a good reminder to change the filters and watch the fins…

Good News…you should be okay for a few seasons…gives the other equipment time to break. No question there is rain in the future…funny, we always seem surprised!