What all am I going to need for hardware?

Hoping to order POS software in the next couple days here. I’m trying to price what I’m going to need for hardware and peripherals when I’m ready to set up. I’ll have a front of house register, two phone stations, a kitchen monitor and an office master station.

I know I’ll need at least:

  1. 5 CPUs
  2. 5 monitors
  3. 5 keyboards and mice (I’ll switch the front register station to a touchscreen as soon as I can)
  4. Magnetic reader for swiped cards
  5. Thermal printer for kitchen
  6. Cash drawer for register

What else will I need?

Do yourself a favor and DO NOT use a thermal printer for the kitchen. Any time you touch a printout with oily fingers the print will magically disappear. You will also need a printer to print reciepts and driver dispatch tickets. You may also want a label printer for box labels.

Thanks Daddio. Would the receipts and driver dispatch tickets come from the same printer? If not, what kind of printer am I going to want to use for dispatch?

If you dispatch from the till you can use the same printer for recirpt and dispatch tickets.

Don’t forget the whooz calling caller id box. I’ve linked to a two line one here but check ebay for a 4 line one.

I have a whozz calling caller ID box that I don’t use. I’d sell it for pretty cheap. Its a 4 liner too, not a 2 line like the one shown.

Oh, those are a nice addition. They automatically bring up the callers account instead of having to type it in, right?

Yes, touch the line one button on the computer screen and the phone number from line one is automatically inputed into the POS and the address comes up if it is already in the database. Saves time and much more importantly, keeps mistakes from happening.

  1. Cash drawer for register

I have a brand new cash drawer that I never set up to my computer system. It plugs into a reciept printer and gets triggered from it. I think this is pretty standard for the POS ststems. If you want to pay for shipping, I’ll send it to you.

Heck yeah! PM on the way. Thanks Paul.