What am I getting into?

Am I glad I managed to come across this site. I am considering purchasing a Mr. Jim’s established 10 years. While I have general business experience none of it is in the pizza or restaurant business. I’m hoping maybe someone out there can offer some insight into what to look for in purchasing an established pizza shop.

The current owner has owned it about 2 years and would like to sell it to pursue other business oppoutunities.

Can anyone tell me about the reputation of Mr. Jim’s and how they treat their “partners”.

What is the generally accepted % of operating costs of a successful pizza shop or where can I go to get those.

According to the seller he has a full-time job and only works at the pizza shop a few hours per week. He has 2 full time managers running the operation and is still claiming to net over 20%, before taxes. Does this sound realistic?

If you were buying an established shop, what questions would you for sure want to ask. :shock:

I really appreciate any and all insight and feedback. :smiley:

Start here.


Ask for the tax returns. That should pretty well settle youor question about profit.