What are the best Pre-Made Products? (sysco & others)

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I was curious with everyones expierence in buying foods for their restaurants… what would you say are the best already/pre-made products?

I used to own a restaurant years ago, But I worked 99% of the time in the front but I remember we got really good meatballs & already made frozen pizza dough sheets! The funny thing with the pizza our pizza won local free magazine best pizza… and the funny thing was our dough was that I think product from sysco.

Can you guys & gals give me a list of products that are great! Names, etc… if they are not from sysco, thats fine just let me know. Is there any good deserts? soups? etc…

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I’d figure Id bump my topic up, maybe new people or some weren’t online when I posted.

I’m more curious on the frozen pre made pizza dough. My place isn’t going to be a pizza shop, so Im not going to be making a ton of it. It will be there daily, but not 50 a day. Plus the space factor of the dough machine, hassle.

Does anyone know any pre made products that are sold my restaurant food distributors (ohio if that matters)? I just can’t remember the name of the stuff we used 4 years ago. It was full flat sheets of pizza dough with paper inbetween each. This stuff was great but better quick!


Tyson makes a thin crust product (seems almost like a thick tortilla) under their Bonici label. Not sure if they make a thicker crust or not. At pizza expo there were a few companies exhibiting pre made dough but since I wasn’t in the market for it I paid no attention to the manufacturers names.

it may be difficult to get an equivalent product from one sysco region to another since not every sysco location carries the same products that other locations do.
if you are able to come up with a product number, chances are good your rep may be able to get it on special order status, but expect a nose bleed when you see the pricing on anything not normally stocked by that regional warehouse, Plus they hold tight to a “No returns” policy on special orders/drop-ship products.
I have even found this to be true with some “Sysco Branded” items.
Arrezzio brand is actually a Sysco branded product that they use for their Italian line of products, and there are quite a few other sysco brands using different names too.

Your best bet would be to request samples from your rep. or go to a local food show to meet reps, and sample their products while there.
if you happen to go to a state or national restaurant association show and find a product you like, ask for a Sysco product number so your rep knows what to look for.
And hope you get a local rep that was a cook or chef at one time, they are much better than just someone who has never cooked and is just in sales for the money.

The funny thing with the pizza our pizza won local free magazine best pizza…

Did you happen to advertise in that ‘free’ magazine? In my experience, paid advertisers usually have ‘best’ whatever…

I want to thank everything for such detail! Yeah when I get closer, I’ll ask them. I was just hoping someone might know off hand.

Thanks again everyone!

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Sysco carries a frozen dough that I have used for years called Richs della suprema. I t has worked great as a hand tossed style. Also if you want thin crust try the tnt brand. Both of these have worked great in my ohio area. Presto is another good supplier and was able to beat every price on sysco i switched 2 years ago and use gfs for the rich’s dough