What are you listening to now?

Hey guys please share what are you listening right now? well, right now I’m listening to love me song by Justin Beiber.

I am listening to news updates about a town of 7000 that is consumed by fire. 65%of the town is burnt.

I am listening to my 4 year old sing Lady Gaga… almost word for word. Oh my Oh my! :roll:

Truthfully…I don’t do much radio anymore. I crave my “silence”. Might be the Deacon in me seeking a bit of prayer or meditation time when I’m away from the Pub.

I am now listening to the little voices in my head! :twisted: They are telling me I should not be sharing this info with others! :wink:

Listening to a bunch of Italian music as I am working on the detail of my new place :slight_smile: