What are you paying for a case of Iceberg heads?

As simple as the subject line says…but I’ve got one supplier still stuck over $39.00 a case for the “premium liner” lettuce heads, another who has been between $12 & $14 for the last 3 weeks. Same quality of product, but the higher rep swears he’s “legit”. No way. It’s not a situation of a ‘loss leader’ from company B, we do about equal in weekly purchases with them the way it is. It just got me thinking what everyone else might be seeing in their markets right now.

$21.99 for “premium liner” thats close to as low as it gets around here. Maybe a little less in the summer time.

Talked a client that paid 31.81 today…

$ 14.25

I was quoted 22.98 this week.


I started buying cases of washed precut and shredded about a year ago and found for me it was cheaper than case whole head from vendors or grocery store and the yeild (no core) was higher even before you added labor savings. Just my $.02

I know keeping suppliers “honest” is just one of the many balls we owners have to keep in the air, but geesh. Today Supplier A is still at $39.42, supplier B is now $13.08! I know it’s not just my store they are pushing on in an attempt to gain even more of our purchases, I’ve verified 3 other places that are serviced by both guys…the prices I got back were very nearly what I’m being quoted.

The lesson is, PRICE weekly and may the best guy win.

I can understand market change and slight differences in pricing but you are talking about one that is 3 times the other. I am curious what they actual have said about this Deacon? I would call the owner of that company and ask specifically why he is 3 times the other. I would also go over every single item you get from them and also drop them for a few weeks or longer if you can just too make a point. This is really screwed up. Sounds like one company taking advantage of others.

Yup, did just that Michael. The “out of line” supplier just hosted a Spring food show in my area. I made sure I bumped into my sales rep’s manager. His answer, “…well we’ll be higher on somethings and lower on others…it all averages out”. wrong answer.

We’ve already been moving several items from one distributor to another, but I’m not going to switch everything over to either 100%. I was in the inventory & purchasing game for 34 years before this pizza bug bit, I’m well aware of what it takes to keep everyone on that proverbial level playing field.

Meanwhile…I’ve got 8 cases of $13.08 “premium liner” heads coming in in the morning. Think I’ll make myself a salad.

I think I would send a couple of nice salads over too the high price guy and ask if he can see the difference between his golden lettuce and the other guys! :stuck_out_tongue:

And send him 2 cans of sodas with it, attach a bill for $40.00 with a note that says " the sodas are free… it all averages out"