What are your busiest months and slowest months on average?

Just curious. I know January typically starts slow. Was curious to poll.


It depends on your location and type of business. Do you run a cheap college delco joint and is it during the semester of homecoming or is it during summer vacation? Big difference depending on your business model and time of year.

For me, November through February sucks. During this period we’re only open 38 hrs/week.

I run the cheap college delco and my slow months are March, June and July. My busiest months are September, October and January.

Best month of the year for 12 years has always been December or March, but January is right there with them. Worst is May with October not far behind.

52 years in business. January is usually our slowest. But for us there is only a 20% drop from our busiest month which is usually October.

October is our best month, January is our worst.

Our busiest months (Dec & Mar) are 3X our slowest months. Resort business. When the tourists are here we are busy, when they are not, we are a town that could keep 2-3 pizza places busy… but has about 15 of which 6 deliver.

without any marketing I’d suspect December is the busiest.

Having said I market like crazy in January as so many people say its very quiet and for the last few years Jan/Feb have been very busy if not the busiest. Likewise summer is normally quiet for most places but with a little push it can become very busy.